How to Demo the Podcast

In How to Demo the podcast, Laure Peeters discovers the educational model of Industrial Design and how to present their design projects in the context of a public exhibition. She does this by mapping out the development and questioning the status quo of the Demo Day. An event at the end of each semester at Industrial Design where all students get to showcase their work to a diverse audience.

The purpose of this podcast was to provide the students with information on how to present their work and to gather input on how this educational activity can be improved. read more about how she did that in designing for systemic change.

Laure discovered the value of a podcast as research tool for mapping out and creating a deep understanding of the context one is designing for. She improved her skills as interviewer by recording 10 podcast episodes and continuously evaluating the content. She familiarised herself with the technology needed to record and edit a podcast and experimented with various forms of promotion.

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